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Site for Sale: Own

Selling if interested send me an inquiry email to info at pixelheadonline dot com.

This could be seen as my introductory to Moguling,which I will be blogging about further on the

blog. I was contacted by Nancy Guzman of about signing up with them to learn how to Mogul or flip websites. Esentially what they are doing, is building up domain names and then selling them. Myself and Lizzie would sign up for one of dotventures packages,and would then be assigned a Domainname specialist who would help us to find a good domain name for our site, which is would be nothing more than a blog like this.

I was on another blog yesterday,, and I read that one of the visitors was involved with and they were trying to get the person to invest in a domain name for $5000 without a guarantee. Sounds a bit fishy to me.

Anyway, the forerunner of this site, which was formerly known as My Rectal Thermometer Blog, is for sale.


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