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Maine Vacation

Posted by firstman2006 on August 12, 2007

Vacationing in Maine for a week or so.  Having been born in Maine,  I have roots on my Pop’s side that are quite extensive. We left Boyertown at 10pm and then picked my bro up in Ambler, were we departed for Maine at about 1130pm. Lizzie and I were sleeping, and my bro drove through the night. We got in Maine around 5am and stopped in at Portsmouth for Breakfast.  After eating at a little dinner we headed out to Lisbon, passing LL Bean on the way. Lizzie and I will be back there later on in the week. Arrived in Lisbon around 7am.  Upon arrival we my bro had to wake everyone up. First to wake up was my cousin who is the only one with out any kids at this point in time. Then to my Aunt and Uncles were Lizzie and I would be staying.  After visiting with them, and our other cousin, we walked over to my other Uncles house to wake them as well. Did I mention that all the relatives live within a block or so.  Actually it seems that there was one house at one time, and then others were built up around it, until there is what now is something of a compound of 6 houses on about 10 acres.

More of my Maine Vacation will be written about on the travel blog of Lizzie Bean.

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