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Feverish Woody Discovers The Rectal Thermometer

Posted by firstman2006 on December 11, 2008

Love this photo…way too funny

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From Houses to Homes – Guatemala Mission

Posted by firstman2006 on March 4, 2008

This is a video that was made of some friends who had gone to Guatemala to make houses for some impoverished people. I have actually been invited to go along with them this year, but I will probably not be able to make it. But the following year is looking promising.

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Me and My Lost Luggage

Posted by firstman2006 on February 8, 2008

Here is a video I just made of my red Ricardo rolling Luggage that was lost two times by the Philadelphia Airport
(PHL), which I wrote about in the post Lost Luggage | Use Luggage Tags.

Just a little ranting about PHL…do you have some ranting to do about PHL, and airline, or an airport that has somehow misplaced your luggage? Let me know.

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CD’s Place Guitar

Posted by firstman2006 on December 9, 2007

CD's Place Guitar

CD’s Place Guitar,
originally uploaded by Emperor Anton.

The decorations are up at CD’s Place in Boyertown which is known not only for its great atmosphere, but its quality food that doesn’t leave your wallet empty.

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Dog Chow | A Family Dinner

Posted by firstman2006 on November 2, 2007

a family dinner

Originally uploaded by alicudi.

Great photo I just found on Flickr. I bet these guys are nearly full grown dogs by now. Love the way that the puppies were marked with color coded dots to tell them apart.
I wonder if mom would chase that tennis ball if it was thrown for her. Would hate to interrupt their meal.

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Maine Vacation

Posted by firstman2006 on August 12, 2007

Vacationing in Maine for a week or so.  Having been born in Maine,  I have roots on my Pop’s side that are quite extensive. We left Boyertown at 10pm and then picked my bro up in Ambler, were we departed for Maine at about 1130pm. Lizzie and I were sleeping, and my bro drove through the night. We got in Maine around 5am and stopped in at Portsmouth for Breakfast.  After eating at a little dinner we headed out to Lisbon, passing LL Bean on the way. Lizzie and I will be back there later on in the week. Arrived in Lisbon around 7am.  Upon arrival we my bro had to wake everyone up. First to wake up was my cousin who is the only one with out any kids at this point in time. Then to my Aunt and Uncles were Lizzie and I would be staying.  After visiting with them, and our other cousin, we walked over to my other Uncles house to wake them as well. Did I mention that all the relatives live within a block or so.  Actually it seems that there was one house at one time, and then others were built up around it, until there is what now is something of a compound of 6 houses on about 10 acres.

More of my Maine Vacation will be written about on the travel blog of Lizzie Bean.

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Back from Puerto Rico Honeymoon

Posted by firstman2006 on June 29, 2007

Lizzie and I are back from our Puerto Rico Honeymoon, and hard at work. We had a fabulous time that was filled with both Gran Melia PR Beachlounging about the pools, and some scheduled activities/unscheduled activities.

To see all of our Puerto Rico pics, check out the Gran Melia picture set on my Flickr account.

Highlights of our trip.

  • Went to a sales pitch for the Gran Melia Vacation Club, that is something like a flexible Time Share were you buy vacation time at any of the Gran Melia resorts as well as partner resorts; which ends up being quite an impRosemarry of Gran Melia Vacation Clubsressive inventory of sites. I will be blogging more about this on the Travels of Lizzie Bean travel blog, which can be reached by clicking the previous link.
  • Went to Old San Juan the day after meeting with Rosemarry of Gran Melia Vacation Clubs. Our first time out driving in Puerto Rico. Took a little while to get used to the road signs. (Sur= South,Este=East, Old San Juan FortNorte=North, and oeste= West). West and East had us a bit confused. It also did not help that the direction of the roads does not stay the same. For example if you are on rt 22 heading east, and it starts going south, you will find yourself suddenly on 22S.
  • I got sick on Thursday, so we lost a day since I was in bed sleeping the entire day.
  • Drove to Rincon on El Noche de San Juan. Got to see a lot of the island.
  • Had a trip to the Spa and had a couples massage that was oh so sweet.
  • Went Kayaking at night on an Enchanted Kayaking trip. We were the worst Kayakers. We ended up being towed by the guide. Two people who do not know their left from right in a Kayak is a very cosmical site. The Bioluminescent Bay was so cool.
  • Gambled and won more than we lost.
  • Arrived home safely.

In looking back, we would love to go back to Puerto Rico again, and very likely will.

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Topton Boardwalk Park

Posted by firstman2006 on June 13, 2007

The park at Topton has been a favorite park for me to take my kids for well over a decade. I started taking my son there Hermans Drive-In of Toptonwhen he was a preschooler, and then took both him and my daughter there on a regular basis. It must have been a while since we had been there, but the other day, my daughter requested that I take her to the park and then to Hermans Drive in for Ice Cream.

The Ice Cream at Hermans was good, but sadly, the park has since fallen into a state of disrepair. Boards are broken and as you can tell by the pictures, graphiti is everywhere.

Graphiti at Boardwalk Park in Topton

Cracked Boards At Topton, Pa park

Brandywine Bullet Boardwalk signBrandywine Bullet Boardwalk

Brandywine Bullet Boardwalk park set on Flickr.

If I was a business that had sponsored this park, I would be embarrassed to  have my name associated with the park being in this condition. I will have to give it serious thought the next time I think about going to here.

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Restaurant and Entertainment Reviews

Posted by firstman2006 on February 10, 2007

We just started a new blog that will be the place for all of my positive Restaurant reviews, negative ones will be on this blog. We (Lizzie Bean) will be doing healthy eating site reviews on Lizzie Bean’s new Dieting Blog,

The url of this blog maybe changing also, since we regsiter the domain and installed a wordpress script on it. Just have to get around to finding a template. I would like to start using a thermometer to rate postings, that kind of looks like a cartoon but with a themometer coming out of it. And depending upon how negative the post would be would indicate how negative a post it would be. Not sure of the scale…US uses Farenheight and most of the rest of the world uses Celsius. Might just use a 1-10 rating. Ten being really sucky like George Bush, which would be the most negative, and 1 being mildly annoying, kind of like Gilbert Godfrey. Of course this is all in my head, totally conceptual, but if there are any good artists out there who would like to submit graphics, I can give you some press and links, and maybe a little dinero. I tried making one in my simple art program, but it was truly embarassing.

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Institution of Marriage?

Posted by firstman2006 on January 25, 2007

Just read an interesting post that voiced the opinion that Marriage is an obsolete institution. that I have never read before, wedding ringsbut have heard voiced, mostly by men inorder to use as a premise to be able to sleep with more than one woman.  I presently am not inclined to fully disagree with the statment or agree, since I am in the process of getting divorced. But I would still like to believe that the institution of marriage does serve a purpose and is not obsolete. I am a firm believer that children should be brought up by two married parents, that have maternal and paternal roles. The institution serves many functions, the most important of which is instilling values into the offspring.  When the institution of marriage is not in place, often times the moral development is lacking or atleast has a greater chance of developing negative values. Well if values are obsolete, then I suppose the institution is obsolete aswell.

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