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Suitcase Found, No Thanks to Southwestern Airlines.

Posted by firstman2006 on November 3, 2006

Red Missing Suitcase

Red Missing Suitcase,
originally uploaded by Emperor Anton.

Refering to Returning From Vegas post.

Well I had Lizzie do a reverse phone number look up to find my suitcase. The airline for some unknown reason(lack of organization) sent my suitcase to NJ. Poor suitcase. I called the phone number and left a message. Later on in the evening, I got call from a really nice lady. She was sorry for not realizing sooner that the suitcase was not her roommates.
Apparently, the delivery service dropped off two bags and not one. Her roomate brought hers up stairs but left mine downstairs. She asked her roomate when she was going to bring it up, and she said that she had, but she had no idea whose bag was down stairs.
So Lizzie and I got directions off of map-quest, and traveled under two hours to get the bag. Had brunch in NJ, and then returned home with my bag.
Next week, I called the regional office which I believe is in Texas. They listened to my story and said they were sorry, but would send me $100 dollar travel voucher. That is really nice of them, but I would prefer that they learn from their mistakes and fix the problem so that it does not occur again, since I might have to travel with them in the future if no other flights are available.  Southwest is a discount airline, that is a far cry from being Cathay Pacific, my favorite airline which we flew with to get to Whistler last winter.

We may have been in the economy seating on the Cathay flight, but it felt like fist class. Drinks included, all the movies we wanted(watched “Walk the Line” for the first two times), choices of several different gourmet meals, gorgeous flight attendants, and spacious cabins.


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Returning from Vegas without My Riccardo Suitcase

Posted by firstman2006 on October 27, 2006

Well we had a grand time in Las Vegas. I would go on and talk about the trip, but I have talked about that in both and Lizzie Bean blogs. I may vent a little more about the non-smoking issue, but not in this post.

This post is going to concentrate on the the return trip and how Southwestern Airlines or the baggage return people at the Philadelphia airport lost my red Riccardo suitcase. Red Recardo Suitcase

Apparently a dad who was anxious to get home because it was past 1am grabbed my bag instead of his. Lizzie said she thought this was what had happened. Well the next day I called the airline and they said they would get back with me after the next flight from Las Vegas got in. I got a call from the baggage office telling me that they found my bag and that it was someone else who had taken my bag. People really need to learn how to read…moron. Any way, I then get a call from her again saying that the bag has made it there, and arrangements will be made. They have my phone number and address. I would be receiving the bag in the next day or so. So we got back on Wednesday morning, here it is Friday evening, no bag. I called the airline this morning she said the bag had been picked up, and they gave me the number to the service that supposedly delivers the bags. The person I spoke with at Mercury said he would try and track down my bag for me, and I should call back within an hour or so if I had not hear anything. That was about 930am this morning. Just called and was on the phone with the same guy, and he tried to track down my bag again. The person he thought had picked it up didn’t. He has no idea who picked it up. He called the Southwestern office, and apparently they have lost or misplaced the paperwork for my bag. I now know why so many bags get lost. It is due to incompetence. Someone is now in possession of my bag and selling it on eBay.

If you happen to see my bag that looks like the picture above let me know. It has my Norelco shaver, my Nike shower shoes, smushed or flattened coins I made for my son, porn cards for Kenny( the cards that get passed out to get men or people to use their prostitutes), and my clothing to include my favorite pair of jeans. It is a nice little bag that I bought to carry my Cutco knives when I was selling them rigorously, but has since turned into my main travel bag that has been across the United States and into Canada.Red Recardo Suitcase

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Car Wraps and Automobile Advertising

Posted by firstman2006 on September 13, 2006

Lizzie bought a new car from just a week ago. Now I say new, but it is actually a used 2005 Honda Civic, which is new to us, and a lot newer than her previous car. We had started out at a Honda Dealer and were really favoring the Honda’s, but would never buy a new car and have to suck up all that depreciation. Besides, Lizzie has bought her last 3 cars at Carsense, and had awsome results… atleast she has never had a lemon. They also gave her a lot more money for her old car than the Honda Dealer had offered.

Any way as we are driving down the road in her new car, I am reminded of what an old Mass Communications professor I had at HACC(Harrisburg Area Community College) had said about advertising on autos. Unless a dealer or even the manufacturer would pay him for advertising there brand, then he did not want any thing with there name on his car. No licence plates, no brand names nothing. I think this is a good idea. I believe that we consumers should band together and demand that they take off the advertising or pay for it.

Advertising on automobiles is a very affective medium. The Carwrap market is a growing industry. I myself have looked into this in the past, and would love to be able to use my car to advertise. I have heard that often times that what the advertisers are paying for this is more than enough to cover the costs of a new car and its other financial requirements such as insurance and maintenance. At the very least, I think I should be able to advertise a text message on my car for a company, and get paid for it. Perhaps I will start by putting the URL to one of my sites on it. Hmm.

Perhaps I am being a little rectal, but I do think that they dealers and manufacturers take it for granted that we will advertise for them. I am now calling all consumers to revolt and stop the unpaid advertising. Don’t we pay enough for our cars?

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