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Pet Collar Candidate

Posted by firstman2006 on October 27, 2006

Ditty in the Sunflower Pot

Ditty in the Sunflower Pot,
originally uploaded by Emperor Anton.

Ditty was making himself at home when I brought the plants in for winter. We have since started letting him outside. Going to have to get a Pet Collar for that cat so I can put a pet tag on him. Since we started letting him out, he has become a new cat. He bites a lot less and almost seems affectionate. Herman the other cat, however, still does not approve of him, and does not come in at all, but prefers to take his meals on the front porch.

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Blogging for Pets

Posted by firstman2006 on August 31, 2006

I am awake ant 3am, probably due to the Tarimasu I had earlier.

Anyway, I was thinking about my previous Kitten post and the idea of helping the pets that have been displaced by Katrina.

Then my thoughts rolled around to the upcoming holiday, Labor day and my favorite tv event the Jerry Lewis Telethon. My friend Eric who was a poster child for Eastern Pa when he was in elementry school. We were very involved with it. We cruised around the neighborhood raising money and attended many different events.

So now I am thinking telethon, blog, hmmm blogathon, well I get up to see if it is taken and it is .Oh well, it was an idea whos time had come earlier to someone else. But perhaps I can still use this to help the pets out. Hmmm I wonder how else I can help. I could create a blog about displaced pets, and get paid advertising to include google add and text link adds and banner adds, and give all the proceeds to an animals organization.

Will have to think about this and blog some other people to get the master mind influence woring on it.

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Ditty Mao the Hyperactive Kitten

Posted by firstman2006 on August 30, 2006


Lizzie and I took Ditty to the Vet last night for his third appointment. I was joking with vet that Lizzies investment is going up, so the asking price for Ditty on Ebay was going up also.  On the way out of the vets, I noticed a brochure for, which sells not only pet tags, but pet collars and leashes.  Pretty cool company, in that it has a pet id tag program that is nation wide. Plus I really like the Looney Tunes pet tags they sell.  Since I have been hearing so much about all the pets that have been displaced from Katrina, I have been looking at Pet Id programs.  I have also been thinking of ways that I could help the lost animals. Hmm have to keep thinking. 

Anyway,  Ditty is an outgoing kitten, so much so that Herman the outdoor cat does not want to come inside. As soon as Herman comes in for food, he is attacked by Ditty, who immediately rolls on the ground infront of Herman. Herman could hurt him easily, but he is a good cat and does not, although Ditty is very insistent, and continues to provoke. The kitten will get a paw full yet.  He does seem to be settling down a little bit though. The other night he was actually in bed with us and did not attack my hands when ever I moved. Usually he lasts about 15 minutes in the bedroom before he gets thrown out into the hall. Well for Herman’s sake, I hope Ditty settles down prior to the winter.

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Kitten Ditty Mao

Posted by firstman2006 on July 17, 2006

Ditty Mao was rescued from a certain road kill death when I was shopping for corn pie at Burkholder’s farm produce stand outside of Topton, PA. The little fluff ball was under another customers tire. The friendly little kitten came to me and affectionately purred while being held. I asked the farmers daughter how much the kitten was, and she said to take him. What a deal…I go for corn pie(still have not gotten any this year) and end up leaving with a kitten.

 I took him with me to visit my kids at their house, and they wanted to keep him, but he was already promised. They have since made a deal with their mom so they can go to the farm down the road and get another cat. They currently have two full grown cats…Duece and Pepper and Milton the dog who is a Sheepdog Schnauzer mix. 

After putting the kids to bed the little kitten and I headed out to Boyertown. With a bowl of food in the back seat, I did not hear a peep out of him until the whole way home. Lizzie was awake and very surprised when I came in with a kitten, but very happy, since we had been looking at kittens with her second son a few weekends before. Ditty was named by Lizzie’s oldest son, who I am told names all of the cats.  The other kids do name them, but his names seem to stick. I am not sure were or what the names means…something to do with the Simpsons or a Beastie Boys song.

Lizzie made an appointment for Ditty at the vet for the next week. He had a clean bill of health except for ear mites. The Vet gave him a dose of an oitment for that, plus a heart worm pill and a dose of flee and tic killer which I had the privledge of administering. We also went to Wally world and bought the boy some toys to keep him busy.

Herman, the oldest and previously the only cat in the house for at least 6 months is the only member of the family that does not like Diddy. We had two other cats, but we had to get rid of them due to problems with them urinating all over the house.  Everyone accuses Herman of plotting to get rid of them…like he got punk, another cat run over. Hopefully Ditty won’t have any of these problems…so far so good. Herman is just a jealous cat so we will have to keep and eye on him. I am sure he will come back inside once the weather gets cold.

 Herman the catDitty Mao

Herman                              Ditty Mao                                                                                                    

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