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Rectal Thermometer Title

Posted by firstman2006 on May 10, 2007

I just changed the title of the site from My Rectal Thermometer Blog to “Site For Sale” but will eventually become “Live,Laugh,Love Daily“, because the rectal thermometer title has worn out its uniqueness, and is no longer amusing. I also noticed that the page rank for this blog dropped to PR3 form PR4, more than likely because I have not been spending anytime on it. Hopefully the name change will help out with my desire to spend time on it.

Site For Sale

Oh, I have also decided to sell the domain name if anyone would like to buy it, its for sale and expires in July. Will be transfering over all of this sites Rectal Thermometer posts to bolster it up a bit. Inquire about the sale by leaving a comment here.

Read more about the flipping of a domain and others.

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