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Exercising Again

Posted by firstman2006 on June 14, 2006

   Made it through another week without going to the gym. How sad. Did do some gardening, and thought about going for a bike ride. Rain stopped guess I will go for a short ride…(Started this entry last month, when Lizzie was recouping from a broken ankle)

   Lizzie is getting back into exercise. We went to the gym several times last week and used the equipment, which seem to use much less time than swimming. We started a more regular work schedule, so we have to fit it into our lunch time. We usually both start out on the eliptical, and then move to the nautilus. I also like to work in 500meters of rowing, while she does her curcuit. As it turns out, we both get a nice little work out. Last week in addition to going to the Y, I also had a nice bike ride on Friday. I made my way over to the end of the Schuylkill River trail and rode on the Perkomen Trail section from Oaks to Collegeville. I saw signs which said 4 miles, but when I looked at the web site it said it was 7.25 miles. I will have to get my speedometer working so I can get an accurate measure. At any rate, the ride was really nice. I believe a novice could do it very easily. I passed numerous other riders and also passed a mother pushing a baby carriage.  One of these days, I want to ride from GreenLane to Philly. That would be sweet.

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Exercise Options

Posted by firstman2006 on May 23, 2006

Have had soo little exercise since Lizzy broke her foot. We were out for a little ride, actually Lizzies Daugher, and I had ridden over to the diner for a bite. Lizzy is currently being influenced by the evil cult of Jenny Craig and their head mistress Kirstie Alley, so she was not willing to accompany us, because she is afraid of what the Head Mistress would think. LOL. Actually she has a goal, and is well underway to achieving it. Well we were almost done eating, and Lizzie decides to come and find us to go for a ride after dinner. We get maybe two blocks away, and Lizzie falls off her bike and twists her ankle, due to a seat that is too high and a pair of weak supporting flip flops.

Well a month later, we are a bunch of jelly donuts. No exercise, buts lots of activity in the House of Bean. Since Lizzy was unable to do much, I was triing to help out as much as possible. But I must say I am a weak substitute for a mother of 4. As much as I tried I was unable to keep up with all that laundry. And the dishes in the kitchen were continually overflowing the sink, since Lizzy usaully does them in the morning when she is able.

But anyway, 4 weeks later, and Lizzie is getting back in the groove. Her and the boys had a folding party last night. I came back from visiting my kids, and they said that they folded laundry and the bulk of it was mine. Hmm.

Gonna start swimming this week, hopefully today. We shall see.

I have gotten a bit of exercise the past several days. Started making a garden in the back yard. Lizzie's mom has little tiller, which is barely able to break the clods. On Sunday night I broke ground with the tiller, and my forearms were numb. Went over it yestereday several times, and started turning it over with a shovel. Then this morning I ran the tiller again and shoveled around the perimeter. Lizzie's mom is anxious to get planting. I want to go and get some mushroom soil from a farmer I know and till it in. My eventual plans for the garden are to make it a raised bed garden , but that will have to wait until the end of the planting season. Will get my dad to bring some soil to put in to make it a real raised bed garden.

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Posted by firstman2006 on April 28, 2006

Must make a conscious effort to exercise. Looking at doing a bike ride in June around French Creek State park. Just did a search for this particular event, but was unable to find the website, but did find one that had information about Mountain Bike Rides at French Creek . I will have to check them out especially since Lizzie just got a new hybrid Janis Citizen mountain bike at South Mountain Cycles & Coffee Bar. Not an overly aggresive bike, but it should do fine for around town and on the Canal tow paths. Well that is about all I have time for now, got to actually do some work.

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