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Name Change to Triple Hockey Sticks

Posted by firstman2006 on July 17, 2007

The name has been changed as of this very moment. I was thinking about Live, Laugh, Love Daily, but that was a bit long. I settled for putting that in the tag line and putting Triple Hockey Sticks as the name. This is not an ice hockey blog, that will be another blog devoted to my sons ice hockey career. An occasional post may make its way here, but that will be a brief mention.

Oh, I should still mention the other blog, MyRectalThermometer Blog is still up for sale if anyone is interested.  Page rank of two with two posts and two comments.


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Rectal Thermometer Title

Posted by firstman2006 on May 10, 2007

I just changed the title of the site from My Rectal Thermometer Blog to “Site For Sale” but will eventually become “Live,Laugh,Love Daily“, because the rectal thermometer title has worn out its uniqueness, and is no longer amusing. I also noticed that the page rank for this blog dropped to PR3 form PR4, more than likely because I have not been spending anytime on it. Hopefully the name change will help out with my desire to spend time on it.

Site For Sale

Oh, I have also decided to sell the domain name if anyone would like to buy it, its for sale and expires in July. Will be transfering over all of this sites Rectal Thermometer posts to bolster it up a bit. Inquire about the sale by leaving a comment here.

Read more about the flipping of a domain and others.

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Restaurant and Entertainment Reviews

Posted by firstman2006 on February 10, 2007

We just started a new blog that will be the place for all of my positive Restaurant reviews, negative ones will be on this blog. We (Lizzie Bean) will be doing healthy eating site reviews on Lizzie Bean’s new Dieting Blog,

The url of this blog maybe changing also, since we regsiter the domain and installed a wordpress script on it. Just have to get around to finding a template. I would like to start using a thermometer to rate postings, that kind of looks like a cartoon but with a themometer coming out of it. And depending upon how negative the post would be would indicate how negative a post it would be. Not sure of the scale…US uses Farenheight and most of the rest of the world uses Celsius. Might just use a 1-10 rating. Ten being really sucky like George Bush, which would be the most negative, and 1 being mildly annoying, kind of like Gilbert Godfrey. Of course this is all in my head, totally conceptual, but if there are any good artists out there who would like to submit graphics, I can give you some press and links, and maybe a little dinero. I tried making one in my simple art program, but it was truly embarassing.

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Rectal Thermometer Blog Mission

Posted by firstman2006 on January 2, 2007

I have decided to make this my negative blog. Negative in that I will use it to chastise, complain, and voice negative thoughts. Happy New YearThis could mean negative reviews of sites, or relaying negative experiences. When things are wrong, this is also the place were I will first voice my negative opinions or relay information about negative experiences. For instance, I have had really bad experiences with Chase Visa(which really, really, really suck) and will be writing extensively about these experiences that I have had as well as others. (not at this time though) I already started with this type of post when I relayed my experiences with the Philadelphia airport when they lost my luggage.
Simply put, I am giving this blog a purpose, which somehow seems to fit it. Oh occasionally nice posts will make there way in, especially if I am feeling overwhelmingly positive. Which I really don’t think will be a problem. So I really do not want to start the year off overwhelmingly negatively, so I am going to end this post for the night, but will hopefully continue soon with a scathing post.

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