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Posted by firstman2006 on November 10, 2006

I just came across this post on, ReviewMe Launches: A Better PayPerPost,
about a new site that pays bloggers to review other sites/businesses. The new site has some heavy duty Internet backing from the Text Link authority site, which was recently purchased by MediaWhiz.

Anyway, is a site that is destined to be a great site. The principal is to pay bloggers for their reviews via a shared revenue system. The rate of payment is figured using an algorithm, and based upon the algorithm, the blogger is paid 50% of what would charge an advertiser for a review on their blog. Blogger payments range from 20-1000 dollars.

Singing up takes seconds. All you need is your SSN or tax id, and an acceptable blog. Not all blogs are accepted into the program, but you can resubmit your blog monthly. After you create your account, you may add up to 6 blogs, and you can also do unlimited reviews. As a blogger, you are also not required to accept any or all of the advertisements.

Another great thing about’s program, is that they require all bloggers to state somewhere in the Advertisement that it is a paid add. Take for example, this review of, this is a paid Ad for No dishonesty, no pulling the wool over any ones eyes.

Paid to blog…you got to love it. I wonder if they have an affiliate program?


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Las Vegas

Posted by firstman2006 on October 12, 2006

Planning a trip to Vegas towards the end of the month. Just sent an email out to a gambling portal to see if they would like to sponsor me. I am not a gambler, but I do have a great looking head. Would have a temporary tattoo on my head for the trip. Could pay for the trip and then some. The only problems that I see is that I really am not a gambler. I would think they would want a gambler, if that is they would want to advertise on someones head at all. Well time will tell.

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