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Topton Boardwalk Park

Posted by firstman2006 on June 13, 2007

The park at Topton has been a favorite park for me to take my kids for well over a decade. I started taking my son there Hermans Drive-In of Toptonwhen he was a preschooler, and then took both him and my daughter there on a regular basis. It must have been a while since we had been there, but the other day, my daughter requested that I take her to the park and then to Hermans Drive in for Ice Cream.

The Ice Cream at Hermans was good, but sadly, the park has since fallen into a state of disrepair. Boards are broken and as you can tell by the pictures, graphiti is everywhere.

Graphiti at Boardwalk Park in Topton

Cracked Boards At Topton, Pa park

Brandywine Bullet Boardwalk signBrandywine Bullet Boardwalk

Brandywine Bullet Boardwalk park set on Flickr.

If I was a business that had sponsored this park, I would be embarrassed to  have my name associated with the park being in this condition. I will have to give it serious thought the next time I think about going to here.

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