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Soda for Breakfast

Posted by firstman2006 on March 30, 2007

Lizzie and I went to CD’s Place in Boyertown for breakfast this morning after going to the gym for a workout. CD's Place, Boyertown, PALizzie is starting Jenny Craig this week, so this will be the last time for about 6 weeks that she will be able to eat at CD’s. We both ate relatively healthy breakfasts, and both left some grub on our plates.

The worst thing about my breakfast was the soda that I had with it. Lizzie too had a soda(Diet Coke), but upon looking at the soda selection, I noticed the Mello Yello tab on the soda machine was still on, and Pam, our outstanding waitress verified it was still available. Usually soda is not my choice for breakfast, but would rather have an apple juice or OJ. Since this is the last Mello Yello that will be delivered to CD’s Place, I had to partake.

Prior to taking my first sip of the delightful Mello Yello, I had to promise myself that I would not make the same mistake as the previous time I drank it, and sing the Mello Yello ditty to myself. Pam chastised me last time because she was then singing it for the rest of the day.


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