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Lost Luggage | Use Luggage Tags

Posted by firstman2006 on March 22, 2007

Lost Luggage is a problem that many airports, including PHL(Philadelphia Airport code) must endure. Having personally experienced the event of Lost Luggage tracking down Lost Luggage, I can personally testify that the airline personnel, will try within their limited abilities, but most certainly they are ill equipped to deal with frustrated patrons who have lost a piece of luggage.

For a detailed description of my adventure while successfully attempting to recover my lost luggage, please visit the above lost luggage post link.

Perhaps I should invest in some Luggage tags such as the ones available from to insure the identification of my bags. The information on these tags includes phone number, address and email.

I was reading on another travel blog that most bags are lost during late check ins and during quick stop overs. That does make sense.

In my situation, it was a midnight check in, and the person who arrived on the same flight as me, but made it to luggage terminal ahead of me, did not check the bag carefully. The husband was given the task of picking up the family bags…need I say more. A very common mistake that even I would be capable of making. I then made the mistake of assuming the girl who took my information for a lost bag new what she was doing, and did not verify the info she typed into the computer.

The airline however, uses a contractor that is paid per piece of lost luggage returned, whether or not it is returned to the right place or not. My bag was on a ticket for a person who lived in NJ. They left her bag and my bag outside of her house at night, and then called and verified receipt. However, her roommate answered the phone, and looked out and saw them and verified. The roommate just assumed that both bags were hers.

After doing a reverse name look up on Google, I found a phone number and gave her a call. Several hours later, to my dismay, I got a phone call saying they had my bag. And the rest is history that can be read in the my previous lost luggage blog post.


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  1. […] Posted by firstman2006 on February 8, 2008 Here is a video I just made of my red Ricardo rolling Luggage that was lost two times by the Philadelphia Airport (PHL), which I wrote about in the post Lost Luggage | Use Luggage Tags. […]

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