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Posted by firstman2006 on February 23, 2007

Just thought I would share, I thought it was funny but someone came to the site by typing the search terms “Sunrocket”can not hear“”. Hmm,  is this an indication of Sunrockets service?  Is anyone out there that has had good service from them? First brought up the issue of Sunrocket in the post “Sunrocket VOIP for Phone Service“. At the time of the post it was apparently a hot company which had had an influx of capital. Not quite sure how it is doing now? Nor what kind of service they provide.

Just noticed that it was listed first in a post title VOIP Biggest Losers. Aparently the last two original founders just left.  Hmm does not sound good for Sunrocket.


5 Responses to “Sunrocket”

  1. VoipSpider said

    SunRocket officially closed it’s doors today, so it looks like you had the right idea about them back in February when you put up this post. It’s really too bad they went down, they actually had pretty good service at a very good price; I’ll miss working for them.

  2. VoipSpider, this was not your sole means of support. Good luck to you. Perhaps another VOIP company can use your services.

  3. VoipSpider said

    No, they weren’t my sole means of support by a long shot, but they were really easy to sell because of their squeaky clean reputation and their “net persona” of being “Cool” and “More Real” than the other VoIP’s. Kind of like the way everyone took to Google. You know, they had a different, less corporate, feel about them.

    LOL Maybe they should have been more corporate…?

  4. Yes or maybe a better business model…something apparently was lacking.

  5. Final Four said

    Final Four

    Final Four

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