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Rectal Thermometer Blog Mission

Posted by firstman2006 on January 2, 2007

I have decided to make this my negative blog. Negative in that I will use it to chastise, complain, and voice negative thoughts. Happy New YearThis could mean negative reviews of sites, or relaying negative experiences. When things are wrong, this is also the place were I will first voice my negative opinions or relay information about negative experiences. For instance, I have had really bad experiences with Chase Visa(which really, really, really suck) and will be writing extensively about these experiences that I have had as well as others. (not at this time though) I already started with this type of post when I relayed my experiences with the Philadelphia airport when they lost my luggage.
Simply put, I am giving this blog a purpose, which somehow seems to fit it. Oh occasionally nice posts will make there way in, especially if I am feeling overwhelmingly positive. Which I really don’t think will be a problem. So I really do not want to start the year off overwhelmingly negatively, so I am going to end this post for the night, but will hopefully continue soon with a scathing post.


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