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Posted by firstman2006 on December 30, 2006

Boyertown? Where the heck is Boyertown, PA? Boyertown is located about 2 hours North of Philadelphia, with a population of just around 4000, it is a small town that has a very close proximity to larger metropolitan areas. Boyertowns main industry at one time was a casket company, but closed with in the last decade.  Retail stores within five miles of Boyertown include a Super Walmart in Bechtelsville, a strip mall that once included a Ames and is now empty. There is also a Redners grocery store, and a Weis Market located in nearby Gilberstville.

Boyertown has dining restaurants that range from fine dining experiences to fast food of McDonalds.  The  town of Boyertown also has many little diners ( CD’s Place being one of my favorites).  From Mexican to  Italian, Boyertown has a good variety  of ethnic  foods.  If feeling a bit more adventurous, visitors can even venture out to  local farmers market/flea  market, Zerns which is located  in  nearby Gilbertsville.

Boyertown also has  a bit of importance in history in that a nearby mine is where  Thomas Edison got his ore for his light bulb experiments.

Throught out the year, Boyertown has many different festivals and community events.  One of my favorite local sites is the local portal,, which is a site that aspires to be a leader in the Boyertown community with many great features to include an online contest that encourages participants to visit businesses in the Boyertown area.

Boyertown is a great little town with lots of activities for all. With a great location, if looking to relocate, to the Philadelphia area, its a great candidate for relocation due to great facilities and Real Estate prices that a very reasonable. If you plan on visiting Boyertown, leave a message. If you are from Boyertown and would like to comment, please do so also.


6 Responses to “Boyertown?”

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  3. Duhchef said

    Here is a bit of Boyertown trivia for you, did you know that president Abraham Lincoln stayed in the Boyertown Inn and gave a speech from the second floor balcony?

  4. Emperor Anton said

    Wow, I did not know that DuhChef, thanks for posting. He did get around didn’t he. Abe was one of my most favorite Presidents.

  5. Lois said

    Your post about Boyertown was nice, however not sure where you came up with 2 hours away from Philly? At most its an hour, of course depending on which area of Philly you’re heading to. I live in Boyertown and I travel to Philly sometimes and I can get to south st. the convention center, market st. etc. in about an hour, depending on traffic of course.

  6. I was thinking of an average time Louis. If you don’t leave during peak drive times, an hour is very doable.

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