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Pet Collar Candidate

Posted by firstman2006 on October 27, 2006

Ditty in the Sunflower Pot

Ditty in the Sunflower Pot,
originally uploaded by Emperor Anton.

Ditty was making himself at home when I brought the plants in for winter. We have since started letting him outside. Going to have to get a Pet Collar for that cat so I can put a pet tag on him. Since we started letting him out, he has become a new cat. He bites a lot less and almost seems affectionate. Herman the other cat, however, still does not approve of him, and does not come in at all, but prefers to take his meals on the front porch.

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Returning from Vegas without My Riccardo Suitcase

Posted by firstman2006 on October 27, 2006

Well we had a grand time in Las Vegas. I would go on and talk about the trip, but I have talked about that in both and Lizzie Bean blogs. I may vent a little more about the non-smoking issue, but not in this post.

This post is going to concentrate on the the return trip and how Southwestern Airlines or the baggage return people at the Philadelphia airport lost my red Riccardo suitcase. Red Recardo Suitcase

Apparently a dad who was anxious to get home because it was past 1am grabbed my bag instead of his. Lizzie said she thought this was what had happened. Well the next day I called the airline and they said they would get back with me after the next flight from Las Vegas got in. I got a call from the baggage office telling me that they found my bag and that it was someone else who had taken my bag. People really need to learn how to read…moron. Any way, I then get a call from her again saying that the bag has made it there, and arrangements will be made. They have my phone number and address. I would be receiving the bag in the next day or so. So we got back on Wednesday morning, here it is Friday evening, no bag. I called the airline this morning she said the bag had been picked up, and they gave me the number to the service that supposedly delivers the bags. The person I spoke with at Mercury said he would try and track down my bag for me, and I should call back within an hour or so if I had not hear anything. That was about 930am this morning. Just called and was on the phone with the same guy, and he tried to track down my bag again. The person he thought had picked it up didn’t. He has no idea who picked it up. He called the Southwestern office, and apparently they have lost or misplaced the paperwork for my bag. I now know why so many bags get lost. It is due to incompetence. Someone is now in possession of my bag and selling it on eBay.

If you happen to see my bag that looks like the picture above let me know. It has my Norelco shaver, my Nike shower shoes, smushed or flattened coins I made for my son, porn cards for Kenny( the cards that get passed out to get men or people to use their prostitutes), and my clothing to include my favorite pair of jeans. It is a nice little bag that I bought to carry my Cutco knives when I was selling them rigorously, but has since turned into my main travel bag that has been across the United States and into Canada.Red Recardo Suitcase

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Las Vegas

Posted by firstman2006 on October 12, 2006

Planning a trip to Vegas towards the end of the month. Just sent an email out to a gambling portal to see if they would like to sponsor me. I am not a gambler, but I do have a great looking head. Would have a temporary tattoo on my head for the trip. Could pay for the trip and then some. The only problems that I see is that I really am not a gambler. I would think they would want a gambler, if that is they would want to advertise on someones head at all. Well time will tell.

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Flip This House

Posted by firstman2006 on October 3, 2006

Flip This House

Flip This House,
originally uploaded by jason.banks.

House flipping is a way to make money with real estate. Houses that are in bad condition or in need of repair, but have the ability to be resold after investing a little effort and time, can then be sold or flipped for a profit. There is a whole area of real estate and real estate finance that is geared towards doing this type of transaction.

Hard Money Lenders are lenders that lend money to people who want to do these types of transactions. The hard money is money that is loaned using property as colateral. Hard Money loans are made to people who need a loan quickly, and the interest rate is usually very high.

So if someone is a hands on type of person, and they want to get involved, flipping houses is something that they should learn about.

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Rectal Thermometer Warning

Posted by firstman2006 on October 1, 2006

I was surfing the web for more Rectal Thermometer info, and ….

Post Moved to the above Site

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