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Sunrocket VOIP for Phone Service

Posted by firstman2006 on September 11, 2006

In the post entitled “VOIP and Calling Cards”  I first wrote about my initial exposure to VOIP as a telephone service.  Then a friend of mine suggested I check out this telephone service that lets you call internationally for a low monthly fee. provides a service that is very similar to Vonage. According to my friend, I would be able to take it with me and use anywhere, as long as I had a high-speed Internet service I would be able to use it. This would be great to use between the office and home. Currently, we use our cell phones in the office, since there is only one line in the office. I also did a little research last night and checked out several blogs concerning Sunrocket. I had been on a negative sunrocket blog, that told of customers misfortune and poor service when trying to solve a problem. However, the most recent entry was in January of 2006. In more recent blog postings,according to Rich Tehrani, in the post “SunRocket Gets Funding” that Sunrocket had gotten a serious influx of VC. Perhaps with the influx of dinero, they were able to work on their customer support issues. I also suppose like any business, there are going to be people that have a good relationship and people that have a bad relationship. According to Pedro Vera’s Web Log, in August 2006, he had been a satisfied Sunrocket customer for well over 4 months, who had a few minor problems, mainly the cheap phones that he was using, which had nothing to do with the Sunrocket. Another satisfied customer, Mr. Shinney of “Mr. Shinney’s Blog of Goodness” has nothing negative to say, and actually was eager to sign up for his second year of Sunrocket service.

Well, I will have to make the leap of faith and sign up myself. I have already made a tiny leap, and forwarded the Sunrocket url to my boss. I better hurry and sign up so I can give him my affiliate link…another good thing they have an affiliate program so customers can actually make money for telling other people about their experiences with Sunrocket.


21 Responses to “Sunrocket VOIP for Phone Service”

  1. Pedro Vera said

    5 months and going strong. The only problem I am having is my boss has a really crappy phone line and is always blaming the quality of his calls on OUR VoiP (we all telecommute). My wife calls her mom long distance about one hour per day and she never complains. I never have problems calling except with my boss, go figure.

  2. carole said

    does anyone know a way to make my fax machine work ? I switched my legacy number over today and now my brother fax machine gets a steady busy. Sunrocket will not talk with you about fax machines but implied somebody out there has figured it out. Thanks.

  3. Ron said

    I called sunrocket today and was told the Fax service was not supported as of yet.

    On my Canon fax machine, I was able to receive fax without any problem, however, I couldn’t send any fax.

    I guess we have to wait a little longer for the VoIP technology to be more mature before jump on the wagon.

  4. Thanks Carole and Ron, its a good bit of information to know. Many people who have home businesses need to have Fax service. Well hopefully SunRocket will be able to meet your faxing needs in short time.

  5. Mark said

    I don’t know what planet you guys are on but I have had Sunrocket for 15 months and have had 71 issues that I had to figure out for them. I know the fax system sucks and when they go to a simple file transfer instead of a laser transmission this should fix that problem. Other areas of complaints are choppy voices. The caller can hear me fine but I can not hear them. Sunrocket allows you to run your lines for business. I later found out that ALL calls from a blocked line gets an infinite number of rings and does not forward these calls to your phone that are being forwarded to a land based line. I would say that knocks out about 60% of business calls never making it because of this small problem. I then changed over to simutaneous ringing to two to three phones and this has temporarily fixed the problems. I don’t think that this should be something the consumer should worry about. They always talk about some level 2 people calling you but after 40 plus trouble tickets in you may as well consider this will never be fixed. So you ask why am I still with Sunrocket? This is because I am signing up today with a REAL Voip company that uses its own land line back bone to switch calls for you. I know that it is about $5 per month more through voip your life but well worth it considering the business loss from missed calls and my time away from work to try to troubleshoot these techs problems. I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering so I don’t count myself as ignorant as some of the excuses Sunrocket gives you. If after it is determined that doesn’t work out its back to the struggling hard wired phone lines that have worked for over 100 years. Sure they will charge for long distance but is this much aggravation really worth it?

  6. […] that has had good service from them? First brought up the issue of Sunrocket in the post “Sunrocket VOIP for Phone Service“. At the time of the post it was apparently a hot company which had had an influx of capital. […]

  7. Mr. Shiney said

    Feel like I need to amend some of my earlier comments about Sunrocket. To make a long story short, I cancelled SR and went back to a land line. I do know of one person who has had luck with Vonage, but all of my other friends who have tried VOIP of one form or another have ended up going back to landline, or just using their cell for everything.

    I think the new future of VOIP technology is in aggregation and routing — so you can have one number that “finds you” where-ever you are. Towards that end I’ve been trying out with some success. They are in beta and things aren’t perfect, but basically a lot of the features that kept me with SR all those months are there in for free. Really, with a reliable cell and a service like GC you don’t need anything else…

  8. Thanks for the update Mr. Shiney, love your blog. It makes me want to try out B2evolution again.
    We have had Vonage for well over 2 years now, and love it. Actually almost had a heart attack when I found out about the Verizon law suit, which could really hurt them if they don’t get the technology to work around the supposedly borrowed Verizon technology.
    I will also have to check Grandcentral .com out. thanks

  9. VoipSpider said

    Did you guys see that SunRocket went out of business today? From the news reports, it looks like they just shut everything down, locked the doors and went home. I wonder what’s going to happen to the 200,000 customers they had.

  10. Wow, that bites…hope that there were not too many who were using SunRocket as their primary telephone provider. Hopefully this is just an isolated incident as far as the VOIP industry is concerned.

  11. Jeremy said

    You’ll be amazed on how many individuals are using their SunRocket as their primary or only phone service. I for one dropped my landline when I signed up with SunRocket 5 months ago. Yes I saved from not paying an extra for my landline but the VOIP quality wasn’t that good of course compare to regular phone.

    I already applied for land line again and just signed up with for my long distance calls. Onesuite has a VOIP feature which is pay as you scheme just like their prepaid long distance service (I didn’t know until I signed up) Now I can enjoy VOIP features and not worrying when internet is down or something because I still have my land line and my prepaid Onesuite account.

    I think people can not just rely on voip alone, maybe in the next 5 years or so but not yet today.

  12. Jeremy,
    It seems like you are recovering well from the fall of SunRocket. We actually use Vonage as our house phone, but are die hard cell phone users, so we rarely if ever use the house phone.

  13. I have recently signed up with Lingo after hearing the rumors about SunRocket. Their services are supposed to go finely well.

  14. I am also recommending Lingo to SunRocket customers. In my opinion, Lingo offer comparatively better services to VoIP users. At present, they have good promo offers for SunRocket customers such as one month free, free shipping, free activation and free equipment. Their calling plans to Western European countries are unlimited and flexible. In addition to some of their advanced calling features such as local number portability, toll free, they have the ability to receive voicemails as attachments to email.

  15. SunRocket, in their email, has specified about Packet8 and TeleBlend for getting replacement service for their subscribers. I think it won’t be a viable choice. So I went to sign up with Lingo.

  16. I wonder if the SunRocket peeps are making any dinero for the referals?

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