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Car Wraps and Automobile Advertising

Posted by firstman2006 on September 13, 2006

Lizzie bought a new car from just a week ago. Now I say new, but it is actually a used 2005 Honda Civic, which is new to us, and a lot newer than her previous car. We had started out at a Honda Dealer and were really favoring the Honda’s, but would never buy a new car and have to suck up all that depreciation. Besides, Lizzie has bought her last 3 cars at Carsense, and had awsome results… atleast she has never had a lemon. They also gave her a lot more money for her old car than the Honda Dealer had offered.

Any way as we are driving down the road in her new car, I am reminded of what an old Mass Communications professor I had at HACC(Harrisburg Area Community College) had said about advertising on autos. Unless a dealer or even the manufacturer would pay him for advertising there brand, then he did not want any thing with there name on his car. No licence plates, no brand names nothing. I think this is a good idea. I believe that we consumers should band together and demand that they take off the advertising or pay for it.

Advertising on automobiles is a very affective medium. The Carwrap market is a growing industry. I myself have looked into this in the past, and would love to be able to use my car to advertise. I have heard that often times that what the advertisers are paying for this is more than enough to cover the costs of a new car and its other financial requirements such as insurance and maintenance. At the very least, I think I should be able to advertise a text message on my car for a company, and get paid for it. Perhaps I will start by putting the URL to one of my sites on it. Hmm.

Perhaps I am being a little rectal, but I do think that they dealers and manufacturers take it for granted that we will advertise for them. I am now calling all consumers to revolt and stop the unpaid advertising. Don’t we pay enough for our cars?


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Sunrocket VOIP for Phone Service

Posted by firstman2006 on September 11, 2006

In the post entitled “VOIP and Calling Cards”  I first wrote about my initial exposure to VOIP as a telephone service.  Then a friend of mine suggested I check out this telephone service that lets you call internationally for a low monthly fee. provides a service that is very similar to Vonage. According to my friend, I would be able to take it with me and use anywhere, as long as I had a high-speed Internet service I would be able to use it. This would be great to use between the office and home. Currently, we use our cell phones in the office, since there is only one line in the office. I also did a little research last night and checked out several blogs concerning Sunrocket. I had been on a negative sunrocket blog, that told of customers misfortune and poor service when trying to solve a problem. However, the most recent entry was in January of 2006. In more recent blog postings,according to Rich Tehrani, in the post “SunRocket Gets Funding” that Sunrocket had gotten a serious influx of VC. Perhaps with the influx of dinero, they were able to work on their customer support issues. I also suppose like any business, there are going to be people that have a good relationship and people that have a bad relationship. According to Pedro Vera’s Web Log, in August 2006, he had been a satisfied Sunrocket customer for well over 4 months, who had a few minor problems, mainly the cheap phones that he was using, which had nothing to do with the Sunrocket. Another satisfied customer, Mr. Shinney of “Mr. Shinney’s Blog of Goodness” has nothing negative to say, and actually was eager to sign up for his second year of Sunrocket service.

Well, I will have to make the leap of faith and sign up myself. I have already made a tiny leap, and forwarded the Sunrocket url to my boss. I better hurry and sign up so I can give him my affiliate link…another good thing they have an affiliate program so customers can actually make money for telling other people about their experiences with Sunrocket.

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