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Blogging for Pets

Posted by firstman2006 on August 31, 2006

I am awake ant 3am, probably due to the Tarimasu I had earlier.

Anyway, I was thinking about my previous Kitten post and the idea of helping the pets that have been displaced by Katrina.

Then my thoughts rolled around to the upcoming holiday, Labor day and my favorite tv event the Jerry Lewis Telethon. My friend Eric who was a poster child for Eastern Pa when he was in elementry school. We were very involved with it. We cruised around the neighborhood raising money and attended many different events.

So now I am thinking telethon, blog, hmmm blogathon, well I get up to see if it is taken and it is .Oh well, it was an idea whos time had come earlier to someone else. But perhaps I can still use this to help the pets out. Hmmm I wonder how else I can help. I could create a blog about displaced pets, and get paid advertising to include google add and text link adds and banner adds, and give all the proceeds to an animals organization.

Will have to think about this and blog some other people to get the master mind influence woring on it.


One Response to “Blogging for Pets”

  1. This is too funny. Lizzie just told me I had Tarimasu for my Birthday that the ex bought me. Today being 1 year minus a day later…lol…Serves as a good reminder not to have Tarimasu again.

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