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Ditty Mao the Hyperactive Kitten

Posted by firstman2006 on August 30, 2006


Lizzie and I took Ditty to the Vet last night for his third appointment. I was joking with vet that Lizzies investment is going up, so the asking price for Ditty on Ebay was going up also.  On the way out of the vets, I noticed a brochure for, which sells not only pet tags, but pet collars and leashes.  Pretty cool company, in that it has a pet id tag program that is nation wide. Plus I really like the Looney Tunes pet tags they sell.  Since I have been hearing so much about all the pets that have been displaced from Katrina, I have been looking at Pet Id programs.  I have also been thinking of ways that I could help the lost animals. Hmm have to keep thinking. 

Anyway,  Ditty is an outgoing kitten, so much so that Herman the outdoor cat does not want to come inside. As soon as Herman comes in for food, he is attacked by Ditty, who immediately rolls on the ground infront of Herman. Herman could hurt him easily, but he is a good cat and does not, although Ditty is very insistent, and continues to provoke. The kitten will get a paw full yet.  He does seem to be settling down a little bit though. The other night he was actually in bed with us and did not attack my hands when ever I moved. Usually he lasts about 15 minutes in the bedroom before he gets thrown out into the hall. Well for Herman’s sake, I hope Ditty settles down prior to the winter.


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