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Online Gaming

Posted by firstman2006 on June 30, 2006

I must plead ignorance about gaming on line. The extent of my gaming experience currently has been limited to playing Text twist on yahoo. This morning I was having bagel for breakfast at Panera with my 6 year old daughter, who was attending a camp at the Bodyzone in Reading. As usual she wanted to play games on my computer. She and I ended up signing up for a game called ClubPenguin hosted on used to play bubble trouble here a lot) Club Penguin is one of those online multi-player games that can be adjusted for younger kids. I was able to sensor the vocabulary of what she is exposed to so it is very limited. The parental controls allow me to go in later and upgrade her if I see fit. While playing the game for free, there are actually options to make changes and buy things for her penguin Character for real dinero. The players also may earn money to be used to buy stuff for there penguin characters to use. I think this is a game that her mother and I will have to monitor as she plays. I am already familiar with on-line games like WOW(World of War Craft) and the kingdom of Loathing, which get players to actually spend money on their characters. I kind of think this is like when I was a kid plugging endless quarters into the video games. I am not exactly sure whether I like these on line games or if I should be wary…the jury is still out.

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Exercising Again

Posted by firstman2006 on June 14, 2006

   Made it through another week without going to the gym. How sad. Did do some gardening, and thought about going for a bike ride. Rain stopped guess I will go for a short ride…(Started this entry last month, when Lizzie was recouping from a broken ankle)

   Lizzie is getting back into exercise. We went to the gym several times last week and used the equipment, which seem to use much less time than swimming. We started a more regular work schedule, so we have to fit it into our lunch time. We usually both start out on the eliptical, and then move to the nautilus. I also like to work in 500meters of rowing, while she does her curcuit. As it turns out, we both get a nice little work out. Last week in addition to going to the Y, I also had a nice bike ride on Friday. I made my way over to the end of the Schuylkill River trail and rode on the Perkomen Trail section from Oaks to Collegeville. I saw signs which said 4 miles, but when I looked at the web site it said it was 7.25 miles. I will have to get my speedometer working so I can get an accurate measure. At any rate, the ride was really nice. I believe a novice could do it very easily. I passed numerous other riders and also passed a mother pushing a baby carriage.  One of these days, I want to ride from GreenLane to Philly. That would be sweet.

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