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Slaw Dogs

Posted by firstman2006 on May 26, 2006

Slaw Dogs have been on my mind eversince Lizzy took me to Atlanta and had a coleslaw dog at The Varsity Jr restaurant I have looked and eaten them at all opportunities. slaw DogsA slaw dog is a hot dog with coleslaw. The slaw dogs at the varsity have a unique type of coleslaw that as Ed Williams says “sort of blends into the flavor of the wiener” . I will have to try the ones at Nu-Way, since they were declared the best in the nation by the NY Times. Hmm, must be good. Slaw Dogs not only have coleslaw, but can and should have other ingriedients also. I myself like a nice creamy coleslaw, but I start with a steamed New England style top split hot dog roll, then squirt a line of mustard inside, place the hotdog(preferably Kunzler) into roll, cover with chopped Vadalia onions if available, and then cover with creamy coleslaw. yum.

Slaw Dog list:

  1. CeGee’s Blandon, PA 610-944-8977
    • Hot dogs are available as plain or Coney Island. I had a Coney Island with Coleslaw. It was loaded with stuff to include chili, onions and of course coleslaw. Very tasty indeed. They also have pretty darn good milk shakes.
  2. CD’s Place 237 N Reading Ave, Boyertown, PA(610) 367-6734
    • With the encouragement of Lizzy and her family, CD put them on the menu. CD’s slaw dogs have onions, mustard and slaw. You can get two slaw dogs, a soda and chips for under 5 bucks. CD’s is great not only for the Slaw Dogs, but he has cool rock n’ roll stuff all over the place along with some groovy music continuously playing on the radio.
  3. Hatfield Ice Arena Cafe 350 County Line Road, Colmar Pa. 18915, (215)-997-3366
    • When my son had a match there, the owner of the cafe, made one when I asked him.
  4. The Varsity Jr 1085 Lindbergh Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324, (404) 261-8843
    • My first Slaw Dog, truly mouth watering.
  5. JukeBox Cafe, 535 S Reading Ave., Boyertown, PA 19512 (610)-369-7272
    • Very nice cafe- ordered a “Hound Dog” which is their hot dog and they will put anything you want on it, includeing slaw. Slaw dog came open faced, split in half, with both dog and bun grilled. It was quite tasty.
  6. 148A Bloomfield Ave Verona, New Jersey 07044 (973)-433-3074
    • I have never been here, but I read a review of the place and checked out their menu, slaw dogs are on it. Also saw some other interesting dogs…namely a hot dog with cream cheese and onions. Might have to make the 2 hr trip to check em out.
  7. Traub’s Doggies– 251 Main Street ; Emmaus, PA 18049, 610-967-5003, MOn-Sat 11am-8pm. Nice little place…mom and Pop store. Great rolls. Not an official slaw dog, but they do have little individual serving sizes in their cooler. Did I mention I liked their rolls. I talked to one guy, (a retired chiropractor) and he said he liked their dogs, but he thought it was too much roll.
  8. Talarico Sandwich Shop – 425 E. Philadelphia Ave. Boyertown, PA 610-367-2209. Again not an official slaw dog, but they have dogs on the grill and slaw as a side. I can make my own.(update:slaw is a vinegar type, not my favorite for slaw for slaw dogs)
  9. Hermans Drive-In– 50 W. Weiss St. Topton, PA 19562 Phone: 610-682-2128 – Soft serve ice cream along with hot dogs(Kuntzler I believe). They also sell individual servings of creamy style Slaw. I order two with onions and a side of slaw. Oh yea baby.

Got some places you think I should check out, let me know.


14 Responses to “Slaw Dogs”

  1. Went to a hot dog place in emmaus, they did not have slaw dogs, but had slaw in the drink fridgerator. Great rolls to boot. So I will have to add them to the list…once I find the number…some places…they are a bit behind…no web site…cannot even find their number on
    Well gives me an excuse to stop in for another dog.

  2. […] So we made it to the arena a little more than an hour ahead of schedule. Time enough for the boy to put his skates on and get a little ice time. Free ice time, you got to love that. I was able to indulge in one of the snack bar’s hot dogs, which was quite tasty inspite of not being a slaw dog, which is one of my favorites. My daughter had one of their soft pretzels, and if I had a pretzel list, that would be on it. […]

  3. […] A Boyertown diner with unique character is what CD’s Place located at 237 N Reading Ave in Boyertown has a classic diner menu with a few non traditional items that make it a quality diner and my favorite diner in Boyertown, PA. As mentioned in a prior post, Cd’s has “The Slaw Dog” which is one of my favorites items on the menu to order for lunch. Two slaw dogs and some cottage fries make a quality lunch that will not leave you hungry. CD’s has specials that run from Sunday to Sunday, and usually consist of a breakfast special omelet, a lunch special which is frequently a wrap( had a turkey, with Russian dressing the other day that was mouth watering), and a soup. Cd’s soups are legendary in the Boyertown area, and frequently run out, so if you get there at the wrong time you might miss out. […]

  4. Hello, have nice day, I love slaw dogs too.

  5. […] only Boyertown, PA , but all of Berks County. As mentioned in a prior post, Cd’s has “The Slaw Dog” which is one of my favorite items on the menu to order for lunch. Two slaw dogs and some […]

  6. […] dogs on the grill and the availability of Coleslaw make this an addition to the Slaw dog list, even though I have not as of yet had one. But I will in the not too distant […]

  7. Pat Adams said

    My first slaw dogs were from Florida. They have all kinds of hot dogs on the menus there. The first slaw dog I tried was not a creamy slaw, but more of the cabbage, clerery seed, onion, vinegar, sugar and salt type. Excellent. Then the creamy slaw hot dog came next. Execellent also. Regardless of the recipe, nothing beats a slaw dog. Of course, chili, cheese, Chicago dog, sauerkraut and all the rest are also great!! All worth trying.

  8. Adam Donkus said

    How right your are Pat. I never had the Florida kind you describe, but it sounds very interesting. I may have to give it a try if I ever get to a place that serves them.

  9. I should also add Sheetz convience stores to the list. Slaw is an option on their list for hot dogs.

  10. […] dogs are one of my favorite foods to eat. Check out my Slaw Dog list to see a bunch of places where I have had slaw […]

  11. […] and sides of coleslaw on the menu, so I ordered up a Slaw dog for lunch. They will be added to my slaw dog list since it was a great big 1/4lb hot dog, but I would order the slaw on the side next time and put it […]

  12. […] before the movie, I talked Lizzie in to letting me check it out. Lizzie Noticed that they have slaw dogs on the menu, so I decided to have a little snack before watching the suspenseful Shutter Island.  […]

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